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Raw Sugar Bread

This is the only sweet bread we bake. This is a little sweet and less taste of raw sugar.

Whole Wheat Bread, Raw Sugar & Walnut Bread, Raw Sugar & Cheese Bread, Cinnamon Roll, Peanuts Roll, Bagel, Boule

Rye Bread

This is the hardest bread. It contains 60 percent whole-grain rye.

Rye Bread, Cranberry & Almond Bread 


We make special dough for baguette. We use only flour, water, salt and yeast. You can enjoy the smell of wood fire. 


This is for daily meals which contains whole grain flour.(Champagne means “countryside” in French. This type is the simplest bread.)

Champagne, Champagne noix (Walnuts)

Plain Bread 

This has less sugar so you can taste a little sour. 

Whole Wheat Bread, Bagel, Focaccia

Seasonal Bread

We make seasonal bread.

Example : Cacao, Citrus Fruits, Tea, Bean Bread


Custom Order

You can customize based on your preferences.

Example : 100 percent whole-grain bread, Saltless & Sugarless Bread


Picture: Pumpkin and Homemade Bacon Sandwich 

We offer special seasonal sandwiches in store.

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