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For daily meals

A thing that keep in mind is to bake bread for daily meals. We hope you enjoy our products at ease, so we carefully choose ingredients and never use eggs and dairy products. In addition to this, for every order, we offer freshly made sandwiches with the handmade filling. If you wish to enjoy the fillings such as peanuts butter and seasonal jam at home, you can buy them.


Commitment to Wood Fire

At 4a.m., we start our day with putting wood on the fire in the brick oven. We carefully control the flame depending on the temperature, humidity, and weather of each day. We spend time to raise the temperature in the oven and take embers from it. After that, we start baking bread from inside of dough with the radiant heat. This baking style allows us to make fluffy bread in a short time with the smell of wood fire. 

Homemade Natural Yeast

To rise and turn into a bread, the yeast has a big role. At Tokiwaya, we put the homemade natural yeast in the dough and knead them by hand. Then, we leave them out overnight to ferment. We use the yeast which is self-collection and add apples and carrots. They become home and food for the yeast and affect the baking, so we use various ingredients.


Access to Tokiwaya

From Naha Airport, it takes about 30 minutes by car. Tokiwaya is located in Kitanakagusuku Village. We bake bread in a quiet place with a foreign atmosphere. We often use the local food such as “Asa” (Okinawan seaweed) and passion fruits. Also, we join Kitanakagusuku Village food fair which are held in the village and Tokyo every year. →Access

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